It’s About The Future, Stupid

By Dick Morris on September 22, 2020

While Biden devotes his entire campaign to litigating the issue of who to blame for the virus and the 200,000 American deaths, Trump should transcend him and say that the blame game is not going to move this country forward. Elections should be about the future, not a chance to get even for the past.

President Trump has done an excellent job in handling the virus and its challenges. Were it not for his prompt action in stopping travelers from China and Europe, millions more would have been infected and hundreds of thousands more would have died. And if it were not for his almost obsessive focus on manufacturing ventilators, testing new remedies, and pushing for development, rapid testing, and quick approval of the vaccine, the virus would not now be receding.

But it is receding. New cases average only half of what they were two months ago and the death rate is down 2700 on May 6 to 306 on September 21. As Trump says, “we have turned the corner on the virus.”

The central issue in the election is who can rebuild our country’s economy in the wake of the virus’ devastation.

Trump holds a lead in all polls on this question and he must make it the focus of the campaign. By emphasizing Biden’s positions on open borders, higher taxes, free trade with China and everybody else, ending fossil fuels, and expanding federal regulation, he can make it clear that the Democrat is not the man for this job.

In this campaign, the virus chapter is over and the chapter about rebuilding the economy has begun.

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