By Dick Morris on November 13, 2008

Those of us who want to frustrate Obama’s radical agenda are one election away from political impotence. Ted Stevens has just fallen 800 votes behind in the Alaska recount (hard to make up in a tiny state) and Coleman is clinging to just a 200 vote margin in Minnesota (tiny in a huge state) with the recount not yet even begun. So if we lose Alaska and Minnesota, Saxby Chambliss’ seat in Georgia is the 60th vote to stop a filibuster. It all comes down to Georgia.

Read the rest of this column at your leisure, but right now, go online and click on and donate to run their scathing ad attacking Chambliss’ opponent, liberal Jim Martin. Our ability to stop the evisceration of talk radio, the flooding of our health care system by 47 million new patients (including illegal immigrants), the repeal of the Patriot Act, the release of the terrorists now under lock and key at Guantanamo, the prolongation of the recession by Obama’s plans for steep tax increases all this is at stake!

With Georgia, we can do a great deal to tone down the Obama legislation. We can filibuster budget bills and demand a repeal of the Fairness Doctrine to muzzle talk radio as the price for letting them pass. We can block watering down of national security legislation. But without Georgia, we are totally helpless (unless the recounts in Minnesota and Alaska happen to go our way).

While Georgia is a red state, having voted for McCain, it has a large minority base in liberal Atlanta and the Democrats have proven their ability to get out their vote. Obama’s entire political machine – which outdueled the Republican Party in the election – will now move down to Georgia. They know that his ability to govern without legislative fetters teeters in the balance.

We can’t just sit back and let the Republican Party do its thing. We already have seen where that gets us! Conservatism is too important to leave to the Republican Party. That’s why we need to go directly to and give them funds that go directly on the air in Georgia with no middlemen or censorship. And we need to do it fast!

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