By Dick Morris on November 12, 2008

With the election a week old, Norm Coleman’s lead in Minnesota keeps dropping with each day. And now, for the first time, the official recount is underway. Is the left stealing votes? One get suspicious when every day brings new ballots that favor Franken over Coleman.

There is nothing we can do about Minnesota (or Alaska, where Stevens’ margin is under attack as well) but there is a great deal we can — and must — do to protect the 60th Republican seat in Georgia.

Saxby Chambliss won with less than 50% of the vote on Election Day and now faces a runoff on December 2nd. His opponent, Jim Martin, is a traditional liberal Democrat who will be a rubber stamp for Harry Reid in squelching Republican filibusters of Democratic tax and spending legislation. We must keep Chambliss in office!

Please take the time to go to and donate money for an independent expenditure for Chambliss to keep the Democrats shy of the 60 votes they need to rule the nation. With Chambliss’ vote, we can be secure that the socialist agenda of Obama will not pass Congress. Rarely has so much ridden on one vote. If the Democrats, who have already won 57 seats in the Senate, can reverse the counts on Stevens and Coleman, they will have 59 votes. Chambliss is the 60th.

There are only three weeks until the runoff election. Democrats, aided by ACORN, specialize in maximizing the turnout among liberals and minorities. We need to fund the conservative opposition to stop them from taking the decisive seat in the Senate. Please donate now to so we can wage this battle….and win!

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