IRS Will Become The Secret Police If BBB Passes

By Dick Morris on November 30, 2021

If the Build Back Better program passes the Senate, as it has already passed the House, the 86,000 additional IRS agents it will fund could well become a secret police force that would use the tax code to punish political dissidents, particularly conservatives in the name of tax enforcement.

The IRS employees are represented by the National Treasury Employees Union, a hotbed of radical woke politics filled with would-be Robin Hoods determined to use their power to take from the rich and give to whoever the government wants. As we learned from the exploits of IRS employee Lois Lerner under the Obama Administration, these extreme leftists can and will direct the power of their agency exclusively against conservatives, leaving their leftist allies unscathed.

In Eastern Europe, when the post-communist parties control the government, they use the tax code and its enforcement to force moderates and conservatives to toe the leftist line or face dire consequences. Wielding the broad enforcement powers the law gives them, they have become a secret police force to punish dissent. American patriots and conservatives will face the full panoply of federal power arraigned against them if the IRS is empowered by 86,000 new agents without any reform in its union.

The goal of increasing revenues and making “everybody pay their fair share” disguises the real purpose of the expansion: To force those who disagree with the federal government to watch their step and modify their rhetoric.

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