In Terror Of Michelle, Biden Gives Susan Rice Broad New Powers

By Dick Morris on February 20, 2023

Susan Rice, Michelle Obama’s best buddy, got a Valentine’s Day present from Joe Biden this week — an executive order giving her the power to oversee and direct “equity” programs in every federal agency.

Under the order, each executive branch agency must develop plans for enhancing racial equity and submit them to Equity Czar Susan Rice who will then determine if they go far enough. If not, she can reject the plans until agency heads and cabinet members knuckle under and revise them to her satisfaction.

(Note that “equity” in the lingo of this administration does not mean “equality.” Quite the reverse, it means policies designed to give minority members preferential treatment to “compensate” them for past racial inequality.)

Why the grant of power? Why hand over the keys to the entire executive branch of government to the woman who was one of Barack Obama’s top staffers and Michelle Obama’s best buddy?

Based on my decades of experience in politics and government, I know that such gifts do not fall from the sky. They are likely a political payoff to forestall Michelle from running against Biden, a candidacy that would spell the quick end to any plans and hopes Biden has for a second term.

If Michelle decides to run, Biden’s entire political base will turn against him in an instant and deliver their support to Michelle.

Biden’s order establishes a brand new “White House Steering Committee on Equity”– with Rice at the helm — to conduct a sweeping “racial equity” progressive makeover of the federal government with the establishment of “Agency Equity Teams” in all departments that answer to Rice.

The Agency Equity Teams will have power and funding to transform the federal government by “Delivering Equitable Outcomes Through Government Policies, Programs, and Activities.” Every year agencies will submit an “Equity Action Plan” to the White House Steering Committee on Equity chaired by Rice. Also, “each Agency Equity Team shall support continued equity training and equity leadership development for staff across all levels of the agency’s workforce.”

The old name for this sort of power is “patronage.” Now Rice will be able to select and empower all her friends throughout government.

The Gateway Pundit reports that “without direct Congressional authorization or supporting appropriations, Biden has ordered the federal government to accelerate the advancement of facially illegal “equity” measures throughout the federal government and its operations.”

Gateway notes that “among other things, the Executive Order instructs agency heads to establish an “Agency Equity Team” within the next thirty days, to staff those Agency Equity Team at each agency with personnel from every possible component of each agency (policy, legal, communications, financial assistance, civil rights, procurement, etc.), and to radically transform the way that the agencies conduct every aspect of their operations.

The Executive Order specifically charges each Agency Equity Team with “the implementation of equity initiatives” and “delivering equitable outcomes” for the American people.”

As the Gateway Pundit explains: “Equity is a euphemism for discrimination based on race, national origin, sex, or economic class with respect to employment, university admissions, and access to government benefits, programs, or services.”

Rice will now oversee the Departments of State. Treasury, Defense, Justice, Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, HHS, HUD, and a myriad of other government agencies.

The new powers for Rice, who had been serving as Biden’s chief domestic policy aide, come at a time when Michelle Obama is under great pressure from her party to step in and enter the Democratic primary for president against a beleaguered Joe Biden.

The latest polls from McLaughlin and Associates have Michelle running a close second to Biden in a hypothetical Democratic primary.

The Biden order, essentially making Susan Rice the domestic policy president, smacks of Biden’s desperation to keep Michelle happy and out of his way.

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