How Your Congressman Voted On NSA Surveillance

By Dick Morris on July 27, 2013

Dear Friend,

I believe the decision of the House of Representatives to defeat, by a narrow margin of 205-217, an amendment to defund NSA surveillance represents a blow to our constitutional liberties. It is totally untrue that we cannot defend ourselves against terrorism without rendering transparent all communications by phone or email in our nation.

If we trusted the Obama Administration not to misuse any data that comes within their reach, it might be different. But a glance at the IRS scandal shows the peril in putting this information into their hands with only the FISA court to check its misuse. Remember the FISA court has approved 33,000 warrants in its time and disapproved 11. It is not a check and balance. It is a rubber stamp.

Please click here to find below a list of how every Congressman voted on the NSA defunding bill. Check to see how your member voted.

Republicans split 90-136 against while Dems broke 111-80 for the amendment. The leadership of both parties and the president opposed it. But 207 courageous members stood up for the Fourth Amendment.

See if your Congressman voted to spy on you!

Click here to see how your Congressman voted!


Dick Morris

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