House Votes Friday On Keeping Your Insurance

By Dick Morris on November 13, 2013

Dear Friend,

The House will vote Friday on a Republican proposal to require HHS to let anyone keep their insurance if they want to — even if they have gotten cancellation notices and even if it falls short of ObamaCare requirements. The bill would supersede the limits on the grandfather clause imposed by HHS regulations.

Please sign this petition and get your friends and family to do so too.

While passage in the House is likely, we need to pressure Congress on the issue.

The more Democrats we can pressure into voting for the bill in the House, the more pressure there will be on Democratic Senators.

Please sign this petition that will go to your Congressman and your Senators to increase the pressure on them.

All of this pressure will force Obama to modify ObamaCare to end the cancellations.

If the cancellations are voided, ObamaCare is doomed.

a. Without being forced to by having their current policy cancelled, people are not going to sign up for ObamaCare. Dwindling enrollments will kill the program.

b. And by keeping so many millions with their current insurance with their current low premiums, there won’t be money to subsidize those who get them under ObamaCare.

c. And, to let Americans keep their insurance will force a relaxation in the ObamaCare insurance requirements.

Please sign this petition and round up as many signatures as you can!


Click Here To Sign The Petition To Reverse ObamaCare Insurance Cancellations!


Dick Morris

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