Hillary’s Brother Pushing For Visa For Chinese Piracy And Spy Company?

By Dick Morris on July 25, 2013

Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, has been implicated in a federal investigation about efforts to obtain visas for two Chinese nationals after their applications and appeals were categorically denied.

What’s disturbing is that at least one of the visas was for a Vice-President of Huawei Technologies, a Chinese telecom company that has been accused of spying on American industries, pirating American technologies, and providing crucial equipment to our enemies.

Here’s what we know: Yesterday, the Inspector General for Homeland Security informed Congress that Alejandro Mayorkas, Obama’s recent nominee for the number two spot in Homeland Security, is a target in an investigation about his role in using his position and power to push for visa applications made by Rodham’s company, Gulf Coast Funds Management, LLC after they had been denied by his very own agency.

The brouhaha is all about what’s called the federal Immigrant Investor program, also known as EB-5. Mayorkas currently heads the United State Citizenship and Immigration Services and administers this program that offers foreign investors, mainly Chinese, a path to citizenship in return for a $500,000 cash investment that is used to create 10 U.S. jobs.

Here’s how Hillary’s brother got involved: The key connection is Terry McAuliffe, best friend and fund raiser extraordinaire for former president Bill Clinton, National Chairman of the Hillary Clinton 2008 presidential campaign, and the person who lent the Clintons the money to purchase their Chappaqua home. He’s about as close to Bill and Hillary as you can get. Right now, he’s a candidate for Governor in Virginia.

But, several years ago, McAuliffe bought a Chinese car company and brought it to the U.S. — that’s Green Tech Auto. Then he helped set up Rodham’s company to receive the money to fund it. In order to do that, the company had to be certified as a “regional center” by Mayorkas’ agency. That was no problem.

Why Rodham? Could it have something to do with his last name? Rodham has no professional experience in this area and only a year before becoming CEO of the company, was a deadbeat dad sued for over $100,000 in back child support. His entire adult life has been spent trying to make money off his family connections — from selling peanuts in Georgia to selling pardons in the White House.

Enter Terry McAuliffe.

McAuliffe wanted to build a U.S. plant to manufacture electric cars in the U.S. To raise money for the project, he went to China with Bill Clinton and Tony Rodham to speak to potential investors. Bill Clinton also appeared at the plant site in Mississippi last year where McAuliffe predicted that thousands of jobs would be created.

That didn’t work out. And McAuliffe quietly left the company last year. Local television stations report that the plant site is now just land with overgrown grass. The company will not release data about jobs created.

According to its website, Rodham’s Gulf Coast Funds promises to deliver visas after an investment is made. But here’s one thing that is odd: Gulf Coast Funds Management names only one current project: Green Tech Automobile, founded by Terry McAuliffe.

So, Huawei Technologies knew what they were funding when they jumped in and invested in Rodham’s company, hoping to get a visa for a top employee.

The investments were supposed to help immigrant investors. But these were no ordinary investors — and no ordinary immigrants. No, Huawei Technologies has been caught pirating American technology and there have been serious national security concerns about their activities.

Here’s the problem with Huawei Technologies. Huawei has repeatedly tried to purchase stakes in American telephone and communications companies, only to be denied permission by the Foreign Investment Review Board on national security grounds because of suspected links to the Chinese military. We don’t trust them. And we shouldn’t.

Equally disturbing is the company’s commercial alliances with enemies of the United States.

According to Bill Gertz of the Washington Times, in one of his first actions, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ordered American aircraft to join British warplanes in a “raid on an Iraqi air defense network that had been targeting U.S. aircraft patrolling the skies over Iraq. Some fifty jets bombed an air defense control center for fiber optic cables that Huawei technicians had installed in violation of UN sanctions.” Huawei also assisted the Taliban by installing a phone system in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Gertz also reported on concerns by counterterrorism officials. Citing Michael Van Cleave, the former national counterintelligence executive, who warned that big companies like Huawei are businesses, “but they’re also stalking horses for Chinese intelligence.” Van Cleave also noted that British Intelligence Services, MI-5, warned that equipment installed by Huawei in British Telecom’s networks could be used to disrupt power and transportation. The same could be true here if we don’t watch our backs.

On several occasions, the Treasury Department’s Committee on Foreign Investments has refused to allow Huawei to enter American markets.

They’ve brazenly stolen proprietary material from the U.S. high tech company Cisco Systems, including network switching technology. In 2003, Cisco Systems sued Huawei and later settled the suit in 2004 after an agreement that Huawei would stop using pirated software and infringing on Cisco’s patents. Gertz also reported that the U.S. government seized over $75 million of Cisco hardware that could be traced back to the Chinese. They even made fake Cisco labels and tried to sell the equipment to the government.

You get the picture. We don’t want them here. They don’t belong here.

These people are definitely not our friends. But they apparently are the kind of folks that Rodham is helping out.

They are desperate to get into U.S. markets and, in recent years, Huawei has reached out to some well connected politicians to serve on the board of their American distributor (with an American name). Former House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt and former World Bank President James Wolfensohn have signed up. So, it’s not surprising that they are looking to hook up with a firm that is politically connected.

The confirmation hearing for Mayorkas is scheduled for today and Republicans are demanding a delay until the results of the Inspector General are completed. They will likely boycott the hearing. Democrats are demanding that the hearing go forward — even with the pending investigation, citing the need to fill the high level position at Homeland Security since Janet Napolitano is leaving.

This is a critical hearing: Aside from his possible poor judgment in reportedly responding to political pressure, Mayorkas should be grilled about helping out Huawei, a company that has been desperately trying to establish a foothold in the United States, but has been denied access because of national security concerns.

Were he and Tony Rodham actually helping Huawei Technologies? And how much was invested?

Is Mayorkas suited to be a leader of Homeland Security if he was helping to get a visa for an executive of Huawei?

There are lots of questions that need to be answered. After the above questions, we should focus on the visa issue in the Rodham company and whether there were any jobs created.

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