Hey Christie! (Yeah You) Drop Out Already

By Dick Morris on November 23, 2015

It’s time for Governor Chris Christie to drop out of this cluttered, overcrowded race for president.

Polling data out this past weekend shows what a train wreck his campaign has been: The ABC News poll has him at just 2 percent.

Last week the Farleigh Dickinson University poll of New Jersey voters have their “hometown” governor in an embarrassing fourth place – trailing badly behind Trump, Carson and Rubio.

In “must win” New Hampshire, a new CBS poll has Christie in seventh place – this after mounting a herculean effort in the Granite State.

Beyond that it gets worse. In South Carolina, he barely registers at just 1 percent.

Christie has made a good try — and he’s been given a fair shot in media coverage and debate time.

But you can stick a fork in him. He’s done.

What happened to the charismatic governor from a blue state who was carry both the GOP base and make big inroads into the Democratic base?

Christie’s downfall began when he gave the keynote address at the Republican Convention in August of 2008.

Angry at being passed over for vice-president despite his early support for Romney, Christie gave a speech that barely mentioned either Obama or Romney.

There was simply no time to do so because Christie was way too busy talking about his favorite subject: himself.

Some keynote!

Then, conscious that he faced a tough race for re-election, he damn near endorsed Obama for re-election a few days before the polls opened in 2012, touring the state in the aftermath of Sandy.

He was seemingly showing how Obama — and he — could rise above party politics to help in a time of disaster.

At the time, Obama was losing to Romney in the polls. The trends were all in Romney’s favor.

The partisan Obama had huge negatives with the public, and most Americans believed the nation was moving in the wrong direction.

At that very moment, the ultimate Republican partisan Chris Christie praised Obama for his leadership.

Thanks to Christie Obama was cured of his partisan image and beat Romney. [Shockingly Christie even denied Romney’s request to tour the Sandy-damaged area.]

For his part, Christie was cured of his own reputation for pugnacity and partisanship – and coasted to an easy re-election the next year.

But the scars of his apostasy of the GOP and Romney run deep. Forgiveness has not been forthcoming.

Despite several impressive debate performances, Christie has gone nowhere except down in the polls.

Republicans can’t forget his unforgiveable hug of Obama at a crucial moment.

Then came Bridgegate.

His staffers closed lanes of traffic on the George Washington Bridge to bury Ft. Lee, New Jersey in traffic to punish the city’s mayor for not endorsing Christie.

Christie denied having anything to do with the closure. No proof of his involvement has ever been found.

But, like Nixon, he is to blame for the unethical actions of his aides because of the take-no-prisoners he fostered in Trenton.

And, like Nixon, he has been punished in the court of public opinion if not in the courts of justice.

So now it’s time for him to go home.

It’s time for GOP donors who still have illusions about Christie to say good-bye.

He will never be president.

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