From Takeover To Makeover: Trump And GOP

By Dick Morris on August 8, 2022

In 2016 Donald Trump orchestrated a takeover of the Republican party ousting its elites and bringing the working class to power. In 2022 Trump is orchestrating a makeover of the Republican Party changing its character, it’s leadership, and its message.

Thus far, the media has covered the ’22 primaries as if they were about Trump’s revenge on those who accepted the 2020 election results or voted to impeach him. Eager for a horse race, they count up Trump’s won/lost record as if it were a pennant race.

But the fact is that Trump is really bringing his revolution to the innards of the Republican Party changing it forever and making it a working class party. Targeting RINOs and habitual losers, Trump is making his party anew and it is going to come out stronger than it ever was.

Some fret that Trumps primary candidates may win their nominating contests but will do poorly in November against the Democrats. This analysis is flawed because it does not realize that off-year elections are largely about voter turnout and the enthusiasm Trump is generating by getting rid of the established Republicans and electing a new breed will propel GOP voters to go to the polls.

For example, in Connecticut, the Republican Party is addicted to defeat. They have gone from electing two governors since the turn of the century and two congressmen — out of five — to being shut out completely by the Democrats. And they kind of enjoy it.

Led by their State House Minority Leader Themis Klarides, they embrace too fondly the role of loyal opposition and nominate sacrificial lambs for key positions anticipating defeat.

But now Trump has endorsed outsider and MAGA conservative Leora Levy in tomorrow’s Republican Senate Primary (on August 9). She is no sacrificial lamb but a true conservative who puts America first and is on the path to defeating “liar” Dick Blumenthal who got elected by falsifying his Vietnam record. He glorified his exploits but the fact is that he never set foot in Vietnam.

Polls show that only 42% of Connecticut likely voters believe “Blumenthal deserves to be re-elected” while 47% say “its time to give another person a chance.” Farwell Blumenthal. Hello Leora.

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