Biden On July Roller-Coaster

By Dick Morris on August 8, 2022

Watching Biden’s job approval ratings is like watching the tide come in and out at regular intervals. Those who are rooting for him celebrate each high tide as a new trend while those who don’t like him say his ratings at low tide are a developing phenomenon. They are both wrong.

According to Rasmussen, Biden’s approval rating goes up and down like a dieter’s weight.


July 2 = 41% Approval
July 8 = 37% Approval
July 12 = 44% Approval
July 21 = 36% Approval
July 28 = 45% Approval
August 4 = 44% Approval

Like a yo-yo, he goes up and down.

Why? I believe that when his Administration and its media allies or bosses (pick your word) hype an achievement or feature a positive stat, his rating goes up. But in between these highs, the ratings sag back to normal as people experience the daily reality of high gas prices and rampant inflation.

But still, Biden’s peak is 45% and has trough is 36%, a nine point swing.

Trump’s ratings also oscillated but were uniformly about five points below Biden’s. In a comparable period in Trump’s presidency, his low was 40% (on July 26, 2018) and his high was 50% approval (on August 2, 2018).

So, while Biden ranged from 36-45, Trump oscillates between 40-50, about five points better than Biden (at a comparable point in their terms).

So, let’s douse the media hyperventilation that Biden is on a roll and a comeback. Wait a week and the economy, crime, immigration, inflation and gas prices will drive him back down again.

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