Don’t Succumb To The Seven-Year Itch: Stick With Trump

By Dick Morris on February 16, 2023

It’s been seven years since Donald Trump rescued us from the Rhinos and Hillary in 2016. Some Republicans, even some MAGA Republicans, are being tempted by the infamous seven-year itch to look for alternative candidates for president.

Nicki Haley, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, Tim Scott and especially Ron DeSantis are pleasant to watch and to follow, but don’t stray! We already have a candidate who is not just a winner, but a proven miracle worker and we must not let post-Christmas shopping lead us away from him.

Ron DeSantis has proven himself in a smaller crucible with serious but more minor challenges than Trump has faced in his presidency. We can be reasonably confident that he will do well on issues like the border, Immigration, the cancel culture, and education. But how do we know that he can replicate the two miraculous but fragile of Trump’s accomplishments: Peace and prosperity?

Trump achieved income and job growth without inflation, and cowed the dictators in China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea into behaving themselves and not invading their neighbors.

When we look at Biden’s inability to even approach these same results, we realize how tough the task is and how unique and irreplaceable is Donald Trump

Democrats in the media are rooting for a Republican civil war to keep us from victory in ’24. They see Republican alternatives to Trump as opportunities to sow division and stop him from re-election.

The other candidates who are declaring for president are doing the Democrats’ bidding unconsciously and the compliant media is echoing their message quite consciously.

As a man, who for 47-years has been married to the ultimate in wives: Eileen McGann, now felled by a stoke two years ago, don’t let the seven-year itch break up our marriage to Donald J. Trump.

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