Confirm Kavanaugh!

By Dick Morris on October 2, 2018

Sign the petition — CLICK HERE!

Let’s make the Senate feel the force of our opinion. Don’t abandon the stage to hysterical testimony of imagined abuse — the new Salem Witch Trials.

WE, the Undersigned, demand the Senate confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh and reject the character assassination campaign being waged against him. Confirm Kavanaugh…Now!!!

Please sign this petition to your U.S. Senators demanding immediate confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Please include your email and zip code and get as many of your friends and family as possible to sign!

Sign the petition — CLICK HERE!

Your signature will count! We will send an email in your name to your U.S. Senators telling them of your position! Most online petitions don’t do that. They just tally and publish the results. That’s not good enough for this fight. Senators need to hear directly from people who live in their state, so please sign this petition.

We’ll add your email address to our Alerts list to keep you posted on progress and let you know if we need to take further action.

Thank you,

Dick Morris

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