Does Anyone Believe That Hillary Clinton Didn’t Know That Her Campaign Paid For The Dossier?

By Dick Morris on October 26, 2017

Hillary Clinton has said nothing whatsoever about the shocking revelation that it was her campaign that secretly commissioned and paid for a phony dossier compiled by a former British spy for the sole purpose of humiliating and embarrassing Donald Trump and, ultimately destroying his candidacy.

Her campaign funneled the payments to a law firm, where the specifics of the work being done were carefully kept from public view. The firm’s FEC disclosure doesn’t mention the payments for the ex-spook’s dossier.

She’s too busy selling books to pay attention to the annoying story about how she paid for the dirt but pretended not to know a thing about it.

She hasn’t denied that her campaign orchestrated the dossier.

But two of her “associates” told The New York Times — anonymously, of course — that she knew nothing about the dossier until it was published by BuzzFeed.

That’s impossible to believe for a number of reasons.

First, this is how Hillary Clinton operates. She hires private eyes to dig up dirt about anyone who gets in her way and she pays them through law firms so they are unknown and kept quiet.

This is her signature play.

Does she really expect us to believe that her lawyer, Marc Elias, would take it upon himself to unilaterally hire the smear organization Fusion GPS and then simply approve large payments to a foreign national ex-intelligence agent to dig up anti-Trump? Without telling Hillary or her campaign chiefs? This was a risky thing to do and way beyond the scope of a hired election law specialist.

No way.

The money had to come to the law firm from the campaign. No doubt the invoices from Perkins Coie to the Clinton campaign would be illuminating. Who were they sent to and what work was described?

No lawyer has the authority to take on this kind of a project. Someone in the Clinton campaign had to approve the payment to Elias’ law firm, Perkins Coie. We don’t know exactly how much Steele was paid, but it was substantial.

Second, the dossier was passed all over Washington for months before Election Day. In the campaign by Fusion GPS to make the material public and hurt Trump, the dossier went to members of Congress and to mainstream journalists. There was a buzz about it. And Hillary loves gossip — especially about her opponents. She and/or her “associates” had to know. She would have heard about it and demanded a copy.

But she didn’t have to do it, because her campaign was given the Steele memos as they were written. She must have seen them. They certainly weren’t simply filed in a drawer.

As we wrote about in Rogue Spooks: The Intelligence War on Donald Trump, Hillary began to focus on Trump and Russia at the time that the reports began to flow from the ex-spook to his paymaster — the Clinton campaign. She mirrored some of the charges in her public criticism about Trump.

It was Hillary who orchestrated the whole thing,

No one can possibly believe otherwise.

She’s up to her old tricks. And her financing of the dossier certainly eliminates any consideration that it was an unbiased compilation of facts.

She got what she paid for — a smear job. She and her lawyers have a lot to explain.

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