ABC Shows Big Trump Gain

By Dick Morris on October 28, 2016

Trump supporters let out a collective groan on Tuesday of this week when, the ABC Tracking poll showed Hillary sporting a 12 point lead. But now there is a deafening media silence when today’s poll (Friday, October 28th) shows her lead down to 4 points.

Here are the ABC numbers:

• Oct. 25 Hillary = 50 ; Trump = 38 / Others: 7

• Oct. 26 Hillary = 49 ; Trump = 40 / Others: 7

• Oct. 28 Hillary = 48 ; Trump = 44 / Others: 7

See a trend here?

Fox News also shows a closing dropping Hillary’s lead from 7 to 3 in three successive polls.

In this universe of conflicting polls, the best we can do is to follow the trend lines within each survey. Since they replicate their methodology (flawed or not) with each tracking poll, the changes in results are significant.

Yet biased news sources like The Hill report that Hillary’s “new enemy” is complaisance. The hell it is. Her new enemy is a reviving Donald Trump.

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