Youngkin Has Flipped Education Issue

By Dick Morris on October 29, 2021

Issues in our politics have an immutable skew toward one party or the other. Crime, taxes, and defense are Republican issues. Education, elderly, and the environment (the three Es) are always Democratic. The economy remains a jump ball.

One of the key strengths of Clinton’s ’96 race was that, using handgun control, he flipped crime to the Democrats.

Now Glenn Youngkin has turned education into a Republican issue using the school board policies on Critical Race Theory, sex education, sexually explicit books, charter schools, and mandatory vaccination for very young children.

This flip strikes at the core of the Democratic base. Already facing erosion in Hispanic support, the Party now must watch the increasing defection of its base among educated, white, suburban women over the issues surrounding their children’s education.

The bruising school administrators and teachers’ unions took in public prestige during their closure due to the pandemic has just worsened the situation for the Democrats.

Should Youngkin prevail in Virginia’ gubernatorial race, as I believe he will, the loss of the education issue will be devastating to Democrats.

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