Young Voters Swing To Trump

By Dick Morris on June 17, 2022

The younger you are, the more likely you are to vote for Trump and the Republicans. The opposite used to be true, but Biden’s poor performance in office and the inflation and economic crisis he has spawned have changed all that.

John Jordan, John McLaughlin, and I conducted a survey of 800 Generation Z and Millennial likely voters at the end of last month to see how they had changed since they mainly voted for Biden in 2020. The transformation is enormous.

Generation Z voters, who are now in their 20s, have swung dramatically to Trump, his biggest gain in any age group. In the 2020 election, they backed Biden by 3 points. Now they vote for Trump against Biden by 6 points, an incredible nine-point swing.

Here’s what’s happening among voters still in their 20s. Those who are still in college or have not yet turned 25, have been liberal and stay liberal. But a light seems to turn on in their minds as soon as they turn 26. They suddenly turn conservative and Republican.

Why? Well, we asked them and here’s their explanation: By almost two to one, they say “When I was younger, I was more ideological and idealistic but as I grew older and have had to support my family and make a living I’ve grown more realistic and conservative in my thinking.”

So, if you’re worried about the indoctrination young people go through in college and are concerned that the campuses are breeding a nation of liberals, relax. As soon as they hit reality in their late 20s they change and see the wisdom of our point of view.

Millennials, who are now in the 30s are more of a problem. They are the sons and daughters of the baby baby boomer generation who became 60s radicals, marching and burning their draft cards. They have gone on to become the most left-wing generation in our country. But they too cannot ignore the economic catastrophe of the Biden presidency and find themselves drifting more towards Donald Trump.

While they voted overwhelmingly for Biden in 2020, by twenty points, Trump has cut Biden’s margin among them in half and now trails by ten.

It is turning out that Joe Biden is the best friend Republicans have. As a result of his disastrous presidency and the terrible economy, voters are coming to appreciate Donald Trump much more. By a margin of 66 to 32 voters in their 30s, the millennials, agree that “like many young people I did not like Trump when he was president or running for office. But now that I see what has happened since he left office, I have a new appreciation for him and find myself liking him more and more.”
Metaphorically, many voters saw a portrait of Donald Trump that they did not like but when Joe Biden put a frame around the portrait with his terrible presidency, it made the picture look a lot better. What Donald Trump could not do, and his handlers could not achieve, Joe Biden has managed to accomplish: he made Trump likable.

Make a no mistake, those under 40 are not socially conservative but share many of the values of the leftists. They are largely pro-choice and in favor of gun control. Most to do not object to sex and diversity education even among young children. They say climate change is a major threat and feel the Republicans don’t do enough to counter it. They split down the middle on immigration with half saying that too many illegal illegals are coming in and half saying too many good people are being kept out out. Half support teaching Critical Race Theory in schools.

But none of that has any real impact on their vote. The only issue they are concerned about is the economy and inflation. Faced with the necessity of overcoming these headwinds to feed their children — and their infants –establish their careers, and buy their first home, they have become economic conservatives while still being social liberals.

Obviously, this dramatic shift among young voters will help propel the Republicans into a massive victory in 22 and likely in 24. But it’s long-term implications or even more significant. These young voters will of course grow older and become increasingly important in our country. The legacy of Ronald Reagan is that voters who came to be politically conscious during his presidency became largely Republican and conservative offsetting the more liberal values of the millennial generation that preceded them. And, of course, The scar left by the great depression shaped the political views of an entire generation, now, sadly, dying out.

It’s a little bit like cutting down a tree and looking at the rings in its trunk. Traumatic events like droughts or forest fires are recorded indelibly in the rings of the tree. In fact, in the forests of Siberia you can see, in any tree, evidence of a meteorite strike that happened in 1908.

You can bet that the meteorite strike of Biden’s failure and the massive inflation it’s causing will remain indelibly imprinted in the minds of voters now forming their political opinions. Combined with the Democrats’ increasing aversion to reality as they embrace the radical green revolution sending gas prices soaring and the economy tanking, the scars we are seeing in Generation Z voters, will be with for a long, long time, making good Republicans out of them.

John Jordan, who Is my guest today, John McLaughlin, who was Trump’s pollster and I have now conducted four surveys to examine how strong the base of the Democratic Party is and how to undermine it. In the first survey we examined Hispanics and found that their patriotism was leading them to despise the left that tears down the country, demeans its heroes and accuses us of racism. These Latino voters, who themselves or their ancestors came here often at risk of their lives, are not about to see this country deteriorate into a nation like the one they left. The shift has been so remarkable that it’s very possible now that Democratic congressman in the Rio Grande valley will be defeated and Republicans elected.

Among mothers, the second leg of the Democratic base, we found that social issues like teaching about gender change and transsexuality to fourth graders were driving them crazy. As Democrats sided with Edu-crats and resisted any change, they are demanding a voice in the education of their children, pushing them into our arms.

Among black voters, we found that men were growing increasingly disenchanted with the left since it seems only to address the problems of black women. Not black men. A black woman becomes vice president and only a woman of color, not a man, is considered for the Supreme Court.

These trends, combined with our current findings about young voters bespeak a tectonic shift in the parties and make up of this country.

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