Women Not Key To Wisconsin Win

By Dick Morris on April 6, 2016

Despite his reputation for attacking women, the exit polls in Wisconsin show that Cruz beat Trump equally among men and women.

The NBC exit poll show Cruz winning 48-35 among both men and women. Apparently, voter disgust with Trump’s conduct spilled over into both genders.

Indeed, the Wisconsin results are notable because they show Cruz gaining on Trump in all of the Donald’s key constituencies.

In past polling, Trump has done especially well among white non-college voters, particularly among the elderly.

Not in Wisconsin.

Cruz beat Trump among college graduates by 48-31. But he also trounced Trump among non-college voters by 48-38.

And, among the over 65 voters, Cruz won 46-35, about the same as he did with under 30 voters (44-33), 30-44 (48-33), and among 45-64 (50-36).

Cruz’ ability to invade Trumpland is particularly important. It means that voters of all stripes, ages, and genders are turning on Donald.

In past contests, Cruz has done better among Republicans and Donald better among Independents. In Wisconsin, Cruz beat Trump among Republicans by 54-32, but was able to tie him among Independents 40-40.

Cruz’ victory cut across all demographics, which makes it all the more impressive.

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