Without Coercion, ObamaCare Will Wither Away

By Dick Morris on February 21, 2017

The only reason Obamacare failed is that it required everyone to buy health insurance that covered everything. Donald Trump has realized that when you stop the requirements, Obamacare will wither away and die without action by Congress.

If people don’t have to buy insurance coverage they don’t need and can’t afford, they won’t. They will buy policies that cover what they need and what they can afford.

It is the genius of Donald Trump’s plan that he will allow people to buy what they want in the way of health insurance and still provide the subsidies of Obamacare if their income merits them.

The special interests invested in backing Obama’s program before Congress and, in return, they got their pet projects covered. Psychotherapy, substance abuse treatment, sex change surgery, birth control, mammograms (even for men), and so forth. The result has been the sky-high premiums and outrageous deductibles that plagued the program.

Everyone was required to buy one of these health insurance plans and policies that were more closely tailored to people’s actual needs were disallowed. The result was that two-thirds of the uninsured refused to purchase policies. They either slithered through the various exemptions the law granted (such as for loss of a job) or they just refused to pay the fine. Some thought so little of Obamacare that they even paid the fine rather than get covered.

Without the dual coercions — on the individual and on the insurance company — people can buy or not buy insurance and, if they opt to purchase a plan, can choose one that meets their needs without making them pay for extra services they don’t need.

Remove the coercions and let the process proceed voluntarily. Trump’s genius.

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