By Dick Morris on May 11, 2007

The mainstream media insists on minimizing terror threats that our intelligence operatives smash before they can wreck mayhem and kill our people. They did it with the Sears Tower raid, the jets that were going to be destroyed over the Atlantic, the Millennium attack on LA airport, the shoe bomber, the Brooklyn Bridge attack, and Padilla the would-be dirty bomber. In each case, the media is fond of writing how the gang could never have gotten it together to pull off the raid. They portray the attackers as clowns who were disorganized and just dabblers in terror whose case is being hyped by the right wing to stoke terror fears.

But these characterizations of real threats we faced and, thanks to our homeland security forces, thwarted are quite wrong and distorted. Had these liberal critics interviewed Mohammed Atta and his gang of 9-11 hijackers, they might have come to the same conclusion.

The blunt fact is that the liberals do not want us to take terrorists seriously because they want us to vote Democrat and not be pushed by our legitimate fears into supporting Republican candidates. But this partisanship goes way too far. It belittles the efforts of those who work to protect us and minimizes the very real dangers they help us to avert every day.

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