Why Do Republicans Keep Losing? And How To Win

By Dick Morris on December 7, 2022

The Republican defeats keep piling up. Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, Arizona, and now Georgia. Why do they keep losing?

The answer lies not in messaging or in better candidates or in Trump fatigue or even in better funding, but in the simple mechanics of Election Day and early voting. Faced with the Covid epidemic and with a dramatic increase in turnout, Democrats pioneered new ways of voting and the Republicans never caught on.

Democrats can vote any day they choose within the early voting period and avoid having to vote when it’s inconvenient. Republicans insist on voting on Election Day. But if the lines are too long, the weather is bad, their kids are sick, or a million other things that can go wrong, do go wrong, they miss out entirely and Republican candidates lose their votes.

In Georgia, for example, Hershel Walker entered Election Day about 242,000 early votes behind. He struggled mightily, like the star he is, and made up much of that deficit but still lost. We cannot expect Election Day miracles to offset the careful and skillful planning the Democrats use to get their votes.

Here’s how it works: The Democrats canvass their states and districts thoroughly to identify those who would likely vote for them. Then, each day during early voting, they get a list from the state who has voted and who has not. Immediately they make phone calls or even dispatch visitors to the people who have not voted to encourage them to do so. If they still don’t show up during the entire early voting period, they camp on their doorsteps until they do, they don’t just pull their voters. They stalk them.

And the Democrats make voting easy. You can vote by mail or give your ballot (and usually your SS number and photo id) to a Party worker on your doorstep. Vote at home.

By contrast, although all these methods of voting are available to Republicans too, but they don’t take advantage of them and wait until Election Day, just like in olden days.

But times have changed. By relying on Election Day turnout, Democrats can monkey around with the Election Day voting. Printers run out of ink. Tabulation machines jam. Lines get longer and longer. But Democrats don’t care. Their people have already voted through early voting. The folks impatiently waiting their turn online to cast their ballots are largely Republicans so let them wait!

That’s how we lost in 2020. In state after state, the Democrats piled up the early votes while Republican waited for Election Day to vote.

In Georgia, in 2020, the Democrats racked up 2.6 million early votes while Republicans only got 1.4 million. You’d think they’d have learned!

In Pennsylvania, in 2020, the Democrats banked 1,7 million votes while Republicans got only 623,000

In Michigan, same story. Democrats got 1.7 million early votes and Republicans got only 936,000.

Republicans can’t keep on giving Democrats this kind of an edge and still expect to win.

Republicans must change their habits and vote early and by mail.

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