Why Did Johnson Lose His Party While Trump Did Not?

By Dick Morris on July 8, 2022

British prime minister Boris Johnson was forced to resign by a major revolt in the Conservative Party. But Donald Trump faced no real dissension in the Republican party and now is on track to win re-nomination in 2024, perhaps almost unanimously.

What’s the difference?

Henry Kissinger said “a statesman’s task is to bridge the gap between his own vision and his nation’s experience. If his vision gets too far ahead of his country’s experience, he loses his mandate but, if he hues too close to the conventional, he loses control of events,”

Nobody ever accused Donald Trump of being too close to the conventional and, as a result, he never lost control of events. Through a major Russian hoax scandal, two impeachments, several government shutdowns, and endless congressional investigations, it was Donald Trump’s agenda that the country debated and Trump’s priorities that got adopted.

Democrats could not break the Republican ranks. They made lots of noise but had little impact. Trump, perhaps outnumbered on election day of 2020, never lost — and still hasn’t lost — control of his own party as Johnson did.

When he was defeated in the election of 2020, maybe, it was not through an intra-party revolt despite the media’s endless efforts to foment one. The Republican ranks held.

But Boris Johnson had no such good fortune. After he was elected, he fulfilled, in spectacular fashion and with incredible success his central mission of separating the UK from the EU.

In doing so, Johnson kept Britain from enduring another round of socialism, the dysfunction that had laid it low in the post-World War II years until Margaret Thatcher liberated it. Now, in the guise of European unity, it was back, once again strangling the UK economy and stifling its initiative.

But after Johnson succeeded, he had nothing else to do. He was unable to focus on an issue of similar magnitude. No crusade animated his final years in office. His was a caretaker government, a sharp contrast to Trump’s restless innovation and insistent advocacy of change.

Because of the lack of momentum in the Johnson Administration, his political immune system was weakened and compromised. So, he succumbed to a variety of small scandals — opportunistic infections hyped in the media because Fleet Street had nothing else much to cover.

He mishandled the COVID crisis and violated his own quarantine rules. He spent public funds on some possibly personal expenses. He appointed a minister despite a prior charge of sexual harassment. Big deal.

But the Tory members of Parliament deserted him and he fell.

Compare with Donald Trump. Nothing has broken his base or his hold on his party.

In my new book, The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback, I predict that he will be re-nominated and re-elected with solid support from his own party and independents.

Basically, not because his scandals were minor but because they were drowned out by his accomplishments.

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