Who’s Clinton Kidding?

By Dick Morris on July 22, 2015

Published on TheHill.com on July 21, 2015

Who can possibly believe Hillary Clinton is authentic when she routinely makes it so obvious how utterly phony and inauthentic she actually is?

She pretends she’s just like the rest of us. But she’s not — and she doesn’t want to be.

Look at her travel style. After years of luxurious living in the White House followed by years of traveling on private jets courtesy of wealthy donors, Clinton isn’t interested in coach class and the Holiday Inn.

But, still, she pretends. She rode in a van to Iowa! And she pulled her own red suitcase out to the JetBlue gate.

Was anyone fooled?

Everyone knows that the Clintons insist on private jets to take them wherever they go. This concocted photo op tried to hide what she is: an elite and isolated Washington insider. Clinton’s standard contract for speeches demands “chartered roundtrip private jet … e.g., a Gulfstream 450 or larger jet.” Hotel accommodations must include a “presidential suite” and adjoining rooms for traveling staff.

The red suitcases are now back on a Learjet. Her Federal Election Commission filings show hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on private jets. No more van, no more JetBlue. That’s how the real Hillary Clinton travels.

She insists she’s running a lean campaign and that her staff takes the $30 Bolt bus from D.C. to New York. But her FEC filing reveals that only $660 was spent on buses, while almost $9,000 was spent on Amtrak and more than $40,000 on Delta Airlines. So that means there were 10 round trips on the bus in three months — not even one a week.

She enthusiastically opened her headquarters in New York’s hip Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, but her real office is in chic Manhattan, close to her Wall Street friends and rich donors. That’s where she wants to be. She doesn’t get Brooklyn. She wants to pretend she is on the cutting edge, not the status quo.

Hillary: You are the status quo.

The former first lady spoke on Facebook about the “challenge” of doing hair and makeup every day — just like real women. No mention of the professional makeup artist and hair stylists who are in the wings.

And it’s not just her style that is phony.

When she says she didn’t erase important emails, was never under subpoena or was “dead broke,” who believes her?

No one. Look at her ratings for honesty and trustworthiness. Only a third of America trusts her. And no wonder — she and her staff are so bad at trying to create an image of the everyday, hardworking honest person, it’s laughable.

It’s at odds with the Clinton we know: the one demanding $225,000 or more for a 90-minute appearance while bemoaning the excesses of the top 1 percent, the Clinton who criticizes big banks while she and her husband make millions from them.

She doesn’t stop.

She tells CNN that people “do trust her.” No they don’t.

And who is to blame for her low ratings on honesty? Republicans, of course. It has nothing to do with her.

Her certitude is breathtaking. She is always right, she is the last good person on Earth and she and her husband are the innocent victims of partisan evils.

Who is she kidding?

No one. Voters don’t believe her about why she had a private email server, or that she was never influenced by donors to the Clinton Foundation or how she had no idea who was paying her husband while she was secretary of State.

And voters can’t trust her on issues. Her flip-flops on gay marriage, the trans-Pacific trade agreement, Iran, immigration, ethanol and etc. all underscore her lack of trustworthiness.

She claims that she’s the “most transparent person in politics.”

The only thing transparent about Hillary Clinton is that we can see right through her.

Hillary, you are not kidding anyone.

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