White House Leakers — Their Secret Strategy To Impeach Trump

By Dick Morris on June 16, 2017

National ENQUIRER political columnist Dick Morris tells all in an exclusive video that continues his assault on the Deep State operatives left behind by the Barack Obama administration to wage war against the presidency of Donald Trump!

Dick blasts “the hundreds of leakers deliberately left behind” by the Obama administration — including the bizarrely-named Reality Winner, recently busted for leaking secret documents from a National Security Administration contractor.

Dick reveals the strategy of leaving behind anti-Trump factions “burrowed in the bureaucracy” to harass and undermine the President while working to the ultimate goal of impeachment.

Dick also blasts the leakers’ “allies in the media,” by detailing how biased reporters work closely with Democratic operatives to release damaging information without caring about accuracy! See the shocking video on The ENQUIRER’s website — CLICK HERE!

Pick up The National ENQUIRER this week to read it all, and keep reading each week as Dick offers his expert analysis on current political news!


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