By Dick Morris on June 11, 2011

Dear Friend,

On Monday, June 13, I’ll be tweeting while the Republican presidential candidates are debating. In this first real debate of the 2012 election year, we’ll see how the candidates do and have a chance to handicap the field as they go at it against one another. I will be watching the debate as it airs on CNN from 8 to 10 and I’ll be tweeting live on www.DickMorris.com. Log onto my website to read the tweets with one eye as you watch the debate with the other.

Romney, the front runner, has the most to lose in the debate. With Huckabee and Trump out of the race, he has to consolidate his hold on his voters to stay in first place. The key for him will be to focus on the economy. As other candidates try to shift the focus to social issues or to taxes Romney needs to tout his knowledge of business to persuade voters that he is the man to fix the economy even as it moves toward a double dip recession.

Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Tim Pawlenty have the most to gain from the debate. Largely unknown, it is their breakout moment.

Remember how Mike Huckabee was unknown as the debates started in ’08?

Then, a series of witty, incisive comments during the debates propelled him to first tier status and a victory in the Iowa caucuses.

Cain and Bachmann are said to be loaded with charisma. This is their chance to shine.

Newt Gingrich is the established master of Republican oratory and debate. He is seen as the most likely to defeat Obama in a debate and he will have to show his debating skills in this first matchup.

Newt, who has been largely sidelined by the other candidates, even as he holds onto second place, has to score decisively to measure up.

So tune in and log on to www.DickMorris.com. You watch. I’ll tweet and when it is over, I’ll tape a wrap-up video of my reactions which you’ll get on Tuesday if you sign up to receive my newsletter at www.DickMorris.com. Let’s have fun together on Monday night!


Dick Morris

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