By Dick Morris on September 22, 2011

Dear Friend,

Tonight FOX News will be hosting the GOP debate at 9 PM ET. As I have for the past three debates, I will post my comments and opinions minute-by-minute on So, as you watch tonight’s debate, go to and get my live round-by-round reactions.

This debate will really determine how far Perry is pushed down by the offensive against him launched by Romney, Bachmann and the other candidates. After the last debate, his lead over Romney dropped from an average of 12 points to 5 points. Now we will see if it can be pushed further down.

If yes, Perry risks falling to oblivion. If not, Perry is in the race as the front runner to stay and it will be hand-to-hand combat between him and Romney

Perry’s performance is also critical for Bachmann. He didn’t draw his votes nearly as much from Romney as he did from her. If she can push Perry back down and if Palin doesn’t run (which she won’t), then Michele can be back in the race.

Let’s watch tonight’s GOP debate together! Join me at at 9 PM ET.



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