By Dick Morris on December 15, 2011

Dear Friend,

Tonight’s the night! The last debate before Iowa! Come join me tonight at 9 PM EST at to follow the Republican Presidential Debate together. I will be commenting as the debate unfolds, posting my thoughts every minute or so on Last debate over 50,000 people followed this commentary.

In the last debate, ABC said Romney lost. I didn’t think so and the polls are proving me right. Now the question is: Will Newt keep his lead? Can he reverse his recent slide in Iowa? Will Romney move ahead? Or will Newt blow everyone out with another of his totally brilliant performances? Will Ron Paul be our Howard Dean — clouding up the process and having zero chance in November? Is this Bachmann’s last stand? Can she break back into contention?

Keep one eye on the TV — Fox News — and the other on

See you tonight!


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