on August 11, 2011

Dear Friend,

Dick Morris will be blogging live during the Republican Debate tonight that will be televised on FOX News at 9 PM EDT. Log onto to read his play-by-play commentary on the debate as it unfolds. He’ll dissect each candidate’s answers and explain their purposes and strategy as it unfolds.

Watch the debate on FOX News and watch Dick on for his LIVE blogging!

Also, Dick and Eileen have put together a special FREE Debate Guide which you can download here. This is the insider’s guide to what the debate is really all about.

AND: On Friday night, at 9 PM ET, Dick will host a live FREE interactive video chat to discuss the debate and take your comments and questions. Just register here and participate! It’s that easy!


Dick’s Debate coverage is sponsored by The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama. Join the cause online at:

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