Vote For Roy Moore For Senator

By Dick Morris on August 14, 2017

In Tuesday’s Senate Primary, I want to urge Alabama voters to support Roy Moore for the Senate. I have met with Roy and come to know him and vigorously support him for the Senate.

While you probably remember him from his stand in favor of posting the Ten Commandments in his office as Chief Justice and his stand on gay marriage, he is no one-note candidate.

He has a broad knowledge of public affairs and a thoughtful, original view on our key issues, including defense spending and foreign policy.

The Republican establishment is backing Luther Strange, the incumbent, appointed in suspicious circumstances by Gov. Bentley on his way out of office in an effort to avoid jail. He will be a RINO, a pliant tool of his chief sponsor, Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader. Don’t be deceived by President Trump’s endorsement of Strange. It is a payoff to McConnell who has invested a lot of prestige in backing Strange.

Congressman Mo Brooks, backed by the conservative establishment, is a good alternative to Strange, but he is not the creative original force that Moore is.

Moore carves his own way in the political world and, for that alone, deserves consideration. Very heavily outspent by Strange and Brooks, he is, nevertheless, first in the polls:

Moore = 31%

Strange = 23%

Brooks = 18%

With a runoff looming, most of Brooks’ votes would go to Moore, who polls show beating Strange in the runoff by 45-35. And, in a runoff, Moore would likely have enough money to fend off Strange.

So, this is our chance to put a creative, principled, devout man in the Senate to bring fresh ideas and morality to the body.

Please vote for Roy Moore for Senator!

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