VA Race Shows Big Gains For GOP In Key Demographics Over 2020

By Dick Morris on November 8, 2021

From Jim McLaughlin of McLaughlin and Associates comes an analysis comparing Glenn Youngkin’s vote with President Trump’s in 2020.

Most notable are the big increases in the Republican vote among the core Democratic groups: women, millennials, independents and households with children.

Below are the Youngkin vote gains over Trump’s performance in 2020:

• Millennials (+21%)

• Women (+16%)

• Whites (+16%)

• Blacks (+6%)

• White Women (+15%)

• Black Women (+12%)

• Independents (+28%)

• Households With Children (+14%).

In addition, as per exit polls in Virginia:

• 52% said parents should have a lot to say in their children’s education, among those, Youngkin won 77%/22%.

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