By Dick Morris on January 11, 2010

The Republican tide is now so strong that there is even a chance to take away the Kennedy Senate seat in Massachusetts. A January 9th survey by Public Policy Polling has Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown in a dead 48-47 heat. Rasmussen, in an earlier survey, had Coakley only 9 points ahead.

If Brown were to take the seat it would end the Democrats’ 60 vote supermajority in the Senate. Health care would probably still pass if the House just accepted the Senate version, but nothing else would. The Obama revolution will be over and he will have to negotiate with Republicans to have his way.

Even if Brown comes close to Coakley, the result will send shivers through the Democratic establishment and trigger more defections, party switches, and retirements. The elections in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts could send a signal that, even here, the Republican-conservative tide is strong and sweeping.

The League of American voters is about to unveil an ad to be run in Massachusetts emphasizing the importance of having a system of checks and balances in Washington. The ad says “it’s not about party or politics. It’s about checks and balances.”

Please help us put the ad on the air. CLICK HERE to donate to help us raise $300,000 for a last minute media buy to push Brown and the Republicans to victory.

We will send you the ad as soon as it is finished (likely tomorrow). With your funds, we can roll back the 60 vote Democratic supermajority and restore some sense of balance to Washington.

The ad draws on the recent tradition in Massachusetts of electing Republican governors to check the excesses of Democrats in the State Legislature. For twenty years, the state has elected one Republican after the other as Governor while returning a solidly Democratic Congressional and Senatorial delegation, top heavy Democratic legislative majorities and a full slate of Democrats for other statewide offices. The idea of checks and balances – of restraining the liberal big spending policies of the Democrats – sells well in Massachusetts.

We may have a rare opportunity here to change the nation’s course and we all have to pitch in to make it possible.

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