Unintended Consequence: How Bragg Helped Trump Expand His Lead

By Dick Morris on March 30, 2023

The national backlash against New York DA Alvin Bragg’s persecution of Donald Trump has done much to fuel Trump’s big rise in the polls.

According to McLaughlin and Associates, in January of this year, Trump led DeSantis by 11 points in a two-way race (52-41). In February, he moved ahead by 18 points (56-38). And, in March, he was ahead by a full 30 points (61-31).

There were, of course, many causes of Trump’s swelling lead, but the big news of the month was the potential indictment of the former president for his role in the Stormy Daniels affair.

Trump expanded his lead over DeSantis from 18 points to 30 points while Bragg’s dramatic announcements and suffocating press coverage they drew, pushed everything else off the front page.

Bragg inadvertently fueled the Trump rise, in part, by drowning out all of the coverage of other candidates. Before the news of the possible indictment broke, DeSantis had launched a national effort to promote his candidacy and former US ambassador Nikki Haley had announced that she was running.

Neither candidate was able to move the needle as the Trump story played out. Trump has always been a larger-than-life figure able to dominate the media, but never more so than when he appeared on the verge of indictment.

And nothing could have demonstrated Trump’s war with the deep state better than the looming indictment. He became the victim-in-chief of the woke, leftist prosecutor who moved heaven and earth to put him in jail even as he let all manner of violent thugs back on the street.

It is hard to make Trump a martyr but that’s what Bragg did!

That the indictment would have involved a ridiculous charge concerning a porn actress made it more absurd. And Bragg’s case became unwound as soon as the indictment loomed. His chief witness was Michael Cohen, whose former lawyer, Robert Costello, said could not tell the truth “if a gun was at his head.”

Then Costello showed up during the grand jury sessions and demanded to be heard. Normally, the grand jury is a prosecutor’s show and defense lawyers do not dare show their heads. But Costello’s evidence was compelling and when he told the grand jury that Michael Cohen himself — not President Trump — had paid the hush money to Daniels and sought reimbursement, Bragg’s case fell apart.

At this moment, the cowardly district attorney won’t call his grand jury into session to examine the charges against Trump but keeps postponing it, doubtless hoping that they blow over and his embarrassing role in the scandal disappears.

So now Trump is. not just the former victim-in-chief, he is the David who has slain Goliath.

How can DeSantis or Halley compete? They can’t. Welcome to the world of running against Trump.

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