Trump’s Triumph: Draining The Swamp

By Dick Morris on January 10, 2017

Donald Trump is, so far, as good as his word. Not only has he fired all of Obama’s cabinet (not sure yet on VA but likely there too) but he has demanded that all political ambassadors tender their resignations effective on inauguration day.

With a finality that approximates the French Revolution, Trump is severing all links with the Obama Administration and appointing a fresh, new cabinet with new ideas.

For Secretary of State, he has chosen Rex Tillerson showing a desire to form a new grand coalition with Russia to rein in Chinese power and influence. Defying the desire of military-industrial complex for permanent war, he is reaching out to Putin and a real partnership seems possible.

For Attorney General, Jeff Sessions is a total break with the corrupt political machine Obama and Eric Holder installed in the Justice Department. No longer will the agency co-operate in giving bankers heavy fines but no jail time in order to line the pockets of liberal advocacy groups out of the proceeds. It won’t ignore charges of voter fraud. It will wait for the facts to emerge before intervening in local police matters and it will extend federal funds free of controls over local police. And, if Obama does not pardon her, one suspects he will follow the evidence on Hillary wherever it leads.

Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education, will transform this appendage of the teachers union into a vigorous advocate of charter schools and vouchers. This may be his most radical and effective appointment.

Scott Pruitt, at EPA, will reverse the job-killing carbon mitigation rules and give the coal industry a shot at burying carbon dioxide so it can survive in the future. He will roll back EPA’s attempts to use the greenhouse gas mandate to control every facet of life and industry in America.

Incoming Secretary of HHS, Tom Price will restore the free marketplace in health care, replacing Obama’s job-killing program with one based on subsidies and voluntary participation. The government will stop telling us when we have to have insurance and what we have to cover in our policies.

And, if these appointments offer a clue as to Trump’s intentions, look for his appointments to the Fair Labor Practices Board to roll back the anti-democratic features that enabled unions to force representation on skeptical workers. Look for his FCC commissioners to grant talk radio a reprieve and to step back from government control of the Internet.

I hope that Trump blocks the Commerce Department, soon to be under Wilbur Ross, from land shedding the Internet and turning its regulation over to despotic dictators the world over.

Happy Days are Here Again!

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