Trump Surge Among White H.S. Men Grows Into Landslide

By Dick Morris on November 5, 2016

The latest poll, reported yesterday, show Trump’s lead among white high school educated men is approaching landslide proportions.

In the current poll, he leads Hillary among these voters by 41 points (61-20). One week ago, he led by 31 points (59-29) and two weeks ago, his lead was only 16 points (48-32).

This huge swing in Trump’s vote — and the equivalent crash in Hillary’s vote — is moving the major industrial states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota in Trump’s direction.

By contrast, Hillary has made some gains among high school educated women where she now trails by 21 points (53-32) having been 27 points back (58-31) previously.

Since downscale voters usually break at the very end — and they are breaking now for Trump — the strength of the trend is only now becoming visible.

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