Trump Must Pivot To Issues

By Dick Morris on October 10, 2016

The highly personal tone of charge and countercharge in last night’s debate was necessary due to the huge impact of the Trump dirty talk tape over the weekend. But now Trump must pivot to issue ideas that demonstrate why he should be president.

Trump’s debate performance was excellent. He articulated the e mail issue very well, drew the comparison between Hillary’s actions and his words very nicely, and sharpened his attack on Hillary depredations against the women who were Bill’s victims.

But when the debate turned to ObamaCare, he really scored points by hammering away at the deficiencies of the program. Now he must continue in that vein.

If he gets mired in the more familiar and sensational turf of sexual charges one way or the other, he will lose his chance to win. It’s time for issues and positive proposals.

Trump has dug himself not just into a hole, but into a potential grave. The NBC/WSJ poll has him 14 behind in a two way and 11 back in a four way race. Rasmussen, who I trust the most, has Trump falling from minus one to minus seven over this disastrous weekend.

But beneath the carnage, he has one redeeming feature: Trump has persuaded America that he is the candidate of change and that Hillary is the equivalent of Obama’s third term. Now he must articulate of what that change consists while he has our attention.

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