Trump Is 9-6 On Senate Races — Amazing Performance!

By Dick Morris on November 14, 2022

Of the thirteen Senate races seriously in play this year, Donald Trump’s endorsed candidate won in nine and lost in only six. (This tally does not include races where the Republican was not seriously challenged).

His candidates won in Ohio (Vance), Wisconsin (Johnson), North Carolina (Budd), Alabama (Britt), Missouri (Schmitt), Oklahoma (McMullens and Lankford), Utah (Lee), and Iowa (Grassley).

His candidates lost in Pennsylvania (Oz), New Hampshire (Bolduc), Connecticut (Levy), Malloy (Vt), and, presumably, in Nevada (Laxalt) and Arizona (Masters).

9-6 is a hell of a record, especially since seven of his nine victories were for non-incumbents.

The Republican establishment, Never-Trumpers to the end, battled hard to stymie Trump even at the price of a Senate majority.

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell did his best to remain Minority Leader by sabotaging the campaigns of Trump’s endorsed candidates. In all, Democratic Senate candidates spent $365 million on their races while Republicans, cut off in many states from funding by McConnell’s PAC, managed only $195 million.

In Arizona, Masters was outspent by 4:1. Oz in Pennsylvania by 2:1, Bolduc in New Hampshire by 13:1.

Not only did the establishment cut off funding for Trump’s candidates, but their major donors also failed to give to the Party’s nominees.

Losing the Senate was a small price to pay for humiliating Trump and slowing down his ascension to the White House.

And, while the Republican establishment was undermining and underfunding the Trump-endorsed candidates, its media organs — led by Murdock’s Fox News, New York Post, and Wall Street Journal — trashed Trump said that it was time “to turn the page” and go with Ron DeSantis instead. The Post went so far as to editorialize, on its front page, that the Florida governor should be called (DeFuture).

And the GOP establishment had plenty of Democratic allies. How else to explain the unbelievable and intolerable delays in counting votes in Arizona but to delay the announcement of the smashing victory of Republican candidate Kari Lake, who Trump propelled into the governorship (most likely).

Knowing that Trump was planning a “big announcement” on November 15th, the Democratic ballot counters, led by Secretary of State Kathy Hobbs, Lake’s Democratic opponent, did everything they could to delay counting the votes so Trump could not point to this charismatic candidate (and possibly future Vice President under Trump) as the winner.

So, faced with the usual coalition of Democrats, establishment Republicans and RINOs, Trump battled them all to a winning record of 9 wins and 6 defeats. An amazing performance that demonstrates that Trump is our best candidate in 2024!

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