Trump Has Strong Lead In New Hampshire

By Dick Morris on April 4, 2023

While we are all being deluged by polls showing Trump soundly beating Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in his pursuit of the Republican presidential nomination, we now see a decisive poll from the early primary state of New Hampshire showing the same thing.

The new poll shows Trump winning with 42% of the Republican Primary vote followed by DeSantis with 29% of the vote and the sitting New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu in third place with only 14% support.

The fact that incumbent New Hampshire Governor Sununu could only muster 14% of the vote is very significant and shows how strong the Trump support is.

There has been speculation that Trump’s national lead in the polls does not carry over to the early primary states. Some have speculated that DeSantis could “ambush” Trump in the small early state contests.

But Trump’s strong showing in New Hampshire largely paralleling his national performance, belies that notion.

We in politics vividly remember how former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani had a solid lead in the Republican primary polls in 2004.

But the Giuliani lead did not carry over to the early primary states and John McCain was able to overtake him.

The New Hampshire poll indicates that Trump’s lead in the national polling is reflected in at least one of the small early state primaries.

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