Trump Has Made The Republican Party The Blue-Collar Party

By Dick Morris on March 8, 2021

Donald Trump’s enduring achievement has been an historic realignment of American voters. His supposed defeat in 2020 overshadows the real gains he brought to the GOP.

This information comes, surprisingly, from NBC polling that shows the Republican Party’s share of the white, blue-collar vote rose from 47% in 2016 to an astounding 57% in 2020.

In a similar vein, the GOP share of the Latino blue-collar vote rose from 24% to 36% over the same period.

Gains among black, blue-collar voters were less pronounced but still significant rising from 5% in 2010 to 9% in 2016 to 12% in 2020.

When an immigrant lands in America, the first thing he likely learns about American politics is that rich people vote Republican and poor ones are Democrat. That core information is now wrong. Republicans, under Trump, have become the working-class party.

Trump’s focus on putting America first, rewriting bad trade deals to benefit American workers, and targeting tax cuts at the middle class has changed the game.

This historic shift among Latinos is why Trump carried Florida in 2020 and why Republicans picked up House seats in California.

As the Republican Party has come to be the bastion of blue collar workers, the Democrats have gone from speaking for the working class to becoming the party of the elitist ruling class.

This shift explains well the elitist aversion to Trump. They feel like the characters did in Barbarians At the Gate! President Trump threatens their hold on the American people. It isn’t just that he disagrees with them on substance, he is leading them to worship other gods and embrace other values.

The same trend is going on in Europe, a continent even more firmly in the grip of elitists. But there, the political systems do not offer an outlet to express the working class rebellion they are facing. But when the powers that be are forced to listen to the views of their people — as in Brexit — they speak with the same fiery desire for power as has animated Trump’s career.

No wonder they hate him!

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