By Dick Morris on November 24, 2009

Previously, we reported to you that our national polling showed that the under-30 voters were the strongest supporters of the Obama healthcare initiative. While seniors opposed it by almost 2-to-1 and voters 30-64 opposed it by five- to 10-point margins, the under-30 voters backed his program by 58-30.

So with the funds you have donated, we ran television advertisments and an Internet campaign aimed at young people focused in Arkansas, North Dakota and Maine. The results are incredible! Now under-30 voters are the strongest opponents of the plan. In the table below, we show you the vote on the Obama plan broken down by age. (We aggregated all three states so we would have enough interviews to make the age subsets statistically meaningful.)

Support/Oppose Obama plan, combined data for Arkansas, North Dakota and Maine

Age / Support & Oppose Obama Plan

Under 30 = 25 Support & 65 Oppose

30-49 = 28 Support & 60 Oppose

50-64 = 41 Support & 50 Oppose

Over 65 = 32 Support & 55 Oppose

The polling had predicted that the young would swing sharply and dramatically against the Obama program once they got the key information about it, but we are blown away by these results.

These data are from polls the League of American Voters commissioned John Zogby to conduct. Commenting on the results, John said, “These results among 18- to 29-year-olds are striking. It puts in jeopardy the whole theory of the new Democratic majority, because young people are essential to that base.”

Boy, is he ever correct!

At the same time that we are seeing this big shift, the national data on ObamaCare continues to show slippage. Rasmussen shows support down to 38 percent (56 percent opposed) from 45-52 right after the House vote.

Will the Senate listen to public opinion? Damn right they will! At this rate, they would have to face the loss of their entire political base to pass this legislation. Politicians don’t work that way! These early procedural votes don’t mean much. As George W. Bush said in the war on terror, “We have to be right all the time. The enemy just has to get it right once.” Now it is the opposite. We just need to win one vote to kill the plan. They need to win them all. And at this rate, the plan is in deep, deep trouble.

PLEASE keep the money flowing! We want to run ads along this line in all the swing states (Arkansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Maine, Indiana, Virginia, Connecticut). To do so for the three weeks before the Senate vote will cost us $1.3 million.

CLICK HERE to see the ad and to donate to keep it running!

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