The Truth About China And Biden

By Dick Morris on June 5, 2023

Dear MAGA friend,

I am sure you know Peter Navarro, President Trump’s most trusted advisor on China, U.S. Trade Representative and Manufacturing “czar” during the Trump years.

Peter’s book and blogs are the best source, by far, on the threat China poses to us. They are the road map I follow in understanding Beijing and how to fight it.

I am writing to urge you (make that beg you) to subscribe to his newsletter/blog at

Enter your email by the purple Subscribe area on his homepage and follow the prompts.

The subscription costs $80 per year and comes with a free, autographed copy of his great book, Taking Back Trump’s America.

Peter is also offering the subscription (minus the book) for free, but please pay the $80. The Department of Injustice woke Peter up in the pre-dawn hours and arrested him and put him in shackles, over phony charges related to January 6th.

He has suffered for us and still has large legal bills with which to contend, and he is not a wealthy man.

He needs our help, and we need his wisdom in understanding how to counter China and preserve our freedom.



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