The Tale Of Two Presidents

By Dick Morris on September 5, 2022

Only once in our history have two presidents run against each other: In 1892 former President Grover Cleveland defeated President Benjamin Harrison for reelection. Harrison had defeated Cleveland in his predecessor’s re-election bid four years earlier.

So, inevitably the contest between Presidents Biden and Trump will revolve around a comparison of their respective records in office. But this contrast would be a disaster for Biden that he can’t allow to happen.

Inflation, real income growth, job creation, border control, crime and the restraint of Russian, Chinese, Iranian, and North Korean imperialism were all incomparably better under Trump.

So, the Democrats have to go to Plan B: Vilify Trump as a person, attack his supporters, and change the race from President Trump versus President Biden to Donald versus Joe.

Throughout his administration about 20% of the American electorate said they approved of the job Trump was doing as president but disapproved of his personality and temperament. Now, in a bid for these swing voters, Biden hopes to make Donald Trump the issue and avoid any comparison between their two presidencies.

The first step in his strategy was the raid at Mar-a-Lago, which put the former president squarely in the crosshairs of the FBI. The second step was his speech last week in which he used his presidential podium to excoriate his predecessor personally.

When Biden approached the podium to the strains of Hail to the Chief and stepped to the microphone to speak it was as if he were stepping into the ring of a SmackDown wrestling match. When he figuratively removed his presidential robe, it revealed the dirty, bare-knuckled brawler he is. The presidentially came off with the robe as he began to deliver the most undignified and disgraceful performance by a president in recent history.

Step three in Biden’s effort to get people to ignore the comparison of their presidential records will be the indictment of Donald Trump on the spacious grounds that he retains archive records in his basement. This is rather like indicting somebody for having overdue library books. The Archives are really just a library and the librarian’s nose was out of joint because Trump hadn’t brought his books back.

There are no national security implications in the archives issue. Nobody even alleges that Trump sent our data to our enemies. For four years as president and two as former president he could’ve shared any of the secrets with Russia China or any other enemies but obviously didn’t do it. So, we are left with a finicky librarian who wants his papers back and, for that, we are about to see a former president be indicted

But it’s all part of Biden’s strategy. Get everyone talking about Trump’s indictment so Joe can go on as one of the most failed presidents in history and still get four more years to do it again.

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