The Supreme Court Goes Blue

By Dick Morris on June 28, 2015

As surely as if we Republicans had lost an election or surrendered a majority in either house of Congress, the Supreme Court went Democrat.

Propelled by the votes of two turncoat Justices, it switched its ideology and even its view of the Constitution. No longer is this a strict construction court refusing to read the latest social fads and public opinion polling into time tested provisions of our Constitution.

When the Obamacare law specifies that subsidies can only be given to those who enroll through state exchanges, it now reads words that aren’t there and includes federal exchanges as well. Interpreting the 14th Amendment, primarily designed to assure former slaves of equal rights, it now sees in amendment author Thaddeus Stevens an intent to protect homosexual rights as well.

We are, of course, stuck with the current court but we must draw the appropriate conclusions from this dramatic sellout by two Republican appointed Justices.

We must vow only to name solid movement conservatives like Scalia, Thomas, and Alioto to the Court. To do this we cannot trust another Bush not to appoint justices that sell us out. George W. Bush gave us Roberts. And, before him, George H.W. Bush gave us the likes of Souter. We cannot trust establishment oriented Republicans like Jeb Bush to appoint true conservatives to the Court.

President Obama doesn’t mess around with moderates. He goes all out for the left and packs that Court with the likes of Kagan and Sotomayor who will vote left to their dying days.

To assure conservative justices we must repeal the filibuster for Supreme Court nominations. The Democrats have already banned them for lower court appointments. We need to take the next step to stop Democrats from killing strong conservatives like they did to Robert Bork.

With Republican control of the Senate we don’t need the filibuster but Democrats do.

From now on our philosophy on judicial nominations must be: Take no prisoners!

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