The Privatization Of Tyranny

By Dick Morris on April 10, 2023

When President Trump said that his indictment meant that “they are coming for you, I am just in the way,” he opened a new front in the war against woke censorship and the deep state.

While the Constitution prohibits government action to abridge free speech and press, it says nothing about the right of private companies and individuals to do so. Into this void is stepping large numbers of companies, businesses, and corporations dominated by small cliques of radical leftists.

Like cancer cells, they take over the management of the companies to use their powers and capital to advance their own agenda of Critical Race Agenda, transsexuality, and ESG objectives.

They are using their new powers to censor political viewpoints with which they disagree. For example, Congressman Ken Buck (R-Az) reports that “Google regularly suppresses search results for websites and news stories that present ideas contrary to their preferred narrative.”

So-called “fact checkers” have gotten into the act, downgrading conservative websites, and making it difficult for the sites to attract investments and advertisements.

Their “fact checking” is highly ideological and selectively but authoritatively picks out data and arguments to advance their leftist views. Buck charges that GDI, The Global Disinformation Index, pours millions into concerted attempts to blacklist conservative news outlets.

Google searches are biased, and it takes dogged persistence to click through three or four pages of leftist propaganda to get the conservative viewpoint.

In political campaigns, for example, when you Google search for an ad or statement by a conservative candidate, fact checker attacks on the ad dominate the responses you see. It is not until pages two or three that you can actually see what the ad or statement said.

We wonder why young people are turning to the left. The answer, in part, is right before our eyes in the viewpoint censorship through which all online information is filtered.

Banks and financial apps, like PayPal add to the leftist pressure by regularly “de-platforming” and “de-banking” individuals and businesses that express viewpoints contrary to the progressive heterodoxy.

Under the guise of cutting off the use of its site to fund “hate and extremist” groups, legitimate conservative causes may find their access to the donations of their supporters curbed.

Writing in the Washington Examiner, Nihal Krishan notes that when a group is identified as spreading hate or extremism, the accusation will be shared broadly across the financial industry, with policymakers and with law enforcement, inflicting more punishment for those blacklisted by PayPal.

Conservative commentator Dan Bongino warned that the Pay Pal blacklist “will end up hurting anyone who is conservative, libertarian, nonliberal, anyone who doesn’t toe the company line.”

Another key front in the war on privatized woke is the regulation of woke investment of retirement funds. The Biden Labor Department revoked a Trump era rule requiring fiduciary managers of 401 (k) funds to take account only of how to maximize returns on investments in their recommendations to retirees.

In a very rare bipartisan vote, both houses of Congress voted to override the Labor Department regulation. But Biden vetoed the override so the new rule stands.

Now, woke fund managers — like Blackrock — can steer their clients to ESG woke investments even if they pay little in dividends, unleashing a potential torrent of investment in woke projects (and cutting materially into the incomes of the retired elderly).
Congressman Buck has called for a Congressional investigation of the privatization of censorship. Speaker Kevin McCarthy is, reportedly, considering the creation of another select committee for this purpose.

Go get ’em!

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