By Dick Morris on November 2, 2011

Dear Friend,

Next week, democracy goes up on trial in Ohio.

After the legislature, led by Governor John Kasich, courageously clipped the wings of union power, the public employee unions are bidding to roll back and repeal his law in a public referendum to be held on Tuesday.

The Ohio law they are seeking to kill:

* Limits teacher tenure so we can discharge bad teachers

* Authorizes payment based on merit, not just on seniority

* Requires employee contributions to pension and health insurance

* Eliminates mandatory dues collection, leaving it up to each public worker to give or not give to his union

* Removes most management issues from collective bargaining.

The upshot of the referendum is whether the unions or the taxpayers and voters control local government.

But there is more on the line for the rest of us who do not live in Ohio. If labor is able to strike the Ohio reforms and win a referendum there, legislators throughout the nation will be hesitant to pass reforms of their own. The entire movement toward educational reform and quality will be held in check and unions will reign over local governments. Their dues will continue to fund liberal candidates throughout the nation and they will continue to provide the backbone of financial support for the left/liberal movement.

Polls show the unions winning in the referendum. In our previous e mail, we raised enough to saturate the Cincinnati media area but we want to expand in the coming weeks to other parts of the state. Please donate to keep the education reforms alive!

PLEASE send us your donations! – Go Here Now.

Thank you,

Dick Morris

PLEASE send us your donations! – Go Here Now.

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