The New Rules: How GOP Can Beat Dems At Their Own Game…And Take Back America

By Dick Morris on January 7, 2021

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. That saying applies perfectly to the election of 2020 and the Senate runoff of 2021.

We need to beat the Democrats and the ultra-left at their own game.

To do so, we must start with a basic realization: The Democrats won by changing the rules. No longer would campaigns and candidates work to get voters to the polls. They would bring the polls to the voters.

For decades, Republicans won elections because of the low motivation of downscale and minority Democratic voters. In every campaign, the Republican consultants would warn their candidate that if the total turnout exceeded a certain threshold, they would lose.

Democrats and liberals struggled to bring their voters — of all races — to the polls with speeches, slogans, celebrity surrogates, and the rhetoric of the “rainbow coalition.”

But they never succeeded until the pandemic gave them the pretext they needed to change the voting rules. Same day registration, no-excuse needed absentee voting, early in person or mail-in voting, and expanded voting hours gave the Democrats the opportunity they never had before to expand the electorate to enough poorly educated voters so they could win.

And it worked. 66.8% of eligible voters cast ballots in the 2020 election. In 2016, the turnout rate was 60.2%. In 2008 (Obama v McCain) it was 62.2. In 2012 (Obama v Romney turnout dropped to 62.2%. The total turnout in 2020 was 20 percent higher than in 2016.

The new rules made this incredible turnout possible. In Georgia, for example, there were six times as many absentee votes as four years ago.

When the virus ebbs, it will likely not be politically possible to turn back the clock to the old rules.

To win, we have to beat them under the new rules.

We don’t have to cheat, forge, or alter ballots like the other side does. But we can no longer sit back and assume that our voters, as highly motivated and intelligent as they are, will always come out to vote on their own.

If the Democrats can send party workers out with absentee ballots door-to-door, so can we.

If they focus on unregistered voters and get them signed up, we can too.

If they approach underage voters who will pass the eighteen year age threshold before the election, we have our young voters too.

We can go room to room in assisted living communities and nursing homes, just as they do.

The entire construct of election day needs to change on our side of the aisle from GOTV (get out the vote) to home delivery.

And, on election day, lets get our poll watchers to go door-to-door “curing” the defects in the ballots of our voters. We need to get down in the trenches and battle hand to hand for each vote.

It is said that there are two parties: The Democratic Party and the Stupid Party,

We need to be stupid no more!


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