The New Billary Strategy Is Brilliant

By Dick Morris on January 18, 2022

Hillary has set herself up in a zero-sum game with Joe Biden that no other Democrat is willing to pursue. With the rest of the Party and the hopefuls for 2024 reluctant to turn on Biden and afraid to confront the extreme left, Hillary is becoming the sole source supplier of such a position.

She recognizes that no other prominent Democrat will be willing to take on the left because they all frightened of it. Whether they are senators and governors who will have to pass through primary elections to get renominated or potential presidential candidates who must win primaries to get the ’24 nomination, they all recognize that becoming the anti-left candidate is a recipe for disaster.

But Hillary has no such fears. She doesn’t have to win any election or any primary for the next year or two. And she realizes that as the dismal failure of the Biden presidency becomes apparent even to progressive true believers, Biden bashers and critics of the tactics and views of the extreme left will come out of the woodwork. She gets it that becoming the anti-extreme left candidate is a growth industry.

Biden will be protected from Democratic criticism until the 2022 elections. Democrats will continue to rally to his side to salvage what they can from the coming midterm debacle. But once Biden leads the Democratic Party into the crushing defeat of losing both houses by good margins, the party will open fire on him. And Harris will be one of the casualties.

A consensus will develop — as it is already doing so in private — that Biden must go. Initially, the movement will take the form of his announcing that he will only serve one term. But, as the country descends into leaderless inflation and then recession, the need for more drastic steps will come into focus.

But until November 2022, Hillary Clinton will be out there warning of the coming disaster and summoning moderates or disillusioned leftists to her banner. Nobody else will dare to walk where she treads. Pete Buttigieg can’t because he is in the Administration charged with doling out goodies from the various spending plans. It’s too lucrative a post to leave and puts him in a position to collect IOUs to win the ’24 nomination.

No black candidate can follow suit because they all must strongly support the extreme left. And the Progressives like AOC may criticize Biden for incompetence, timidity or failure to deliver but they can’t follow Hillary’s critique of the defects of their underlying positions and programs.

Knocking the left will be Hillary’s schtick and she will amass followers each day.

The Left will have no place left to turn, the Democratic primary voter will increasingly embrace Hillary’s critique of the left and put aside their ideology to support Hillary’s view. Even their personal distaste for her will take a backseat to the obvious need for the party to change direction to avert its destruction.

Its the perfect play for her. Her entire political career is based on one fundamental proposition: That she is too unpopular and unlikable, and her record too compromised to be elected on her own merit. So, she always advances masked in some political position that offers her cover. She’s showing courage in the face of marital scandal. She’s the first woman to run for president. She stands on Bill’s impressive record of achievement. She is standing up and fighting for Obama, even having once run against him. Now she’ll advance under a covering barrage against the nutty Democratic left. Not its goals or programs (that would get her in trouble) but against their tactics and lack of pragmatism.

Obviously, I know the Clintons pretty well. Hillary is neither bright enough nor sufficiently flexible to invent this play. But Bill is. And, with him recovered from Monica enough to assert command in Hillary’s orbit, don’t discount how far he could go even with this flawed product.


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