The Myth Of A Decline In Trump’s Ratings

By Dick Morris on January 19, 2021

Trump’s pollster John McLaughlin cautions that “the anti-Trump media has gone back to skewing polls to lower the President’s job approval and create the false impression that Americans want to impeach President Trump. These are the same pollsters who predicted a ‘Blue Wave’ and a Biden landslide.”

When you examine the current crop of polls showing a sharp drop in Trump’s approval, you see how deceptive they are.

The only outlier — which is to say the only honest poll — is by Rasmussen that shows the president maintaining a 48% job approval.

That’s the “outlier”. Here are the out-liars:

• Pew Research captured headlines by finding Trump’s approval at only 26%. But its sample is heavily biased against Trump. Although the president got at least 47% of the vote on November 3rd, Pew’s sample only has 30% Trump voters.

• CBS’ poll that shows Trump with 41% approval, has a sample in which only 30% voted for Trump 17 points below his actual vote share.

• Politico’s Morning Consult Poll, also negative for Trump included 50% Biden voters and only 36% Trump voters — an eleven point anti-Trump skew.

• CNN has Trump’s approval at 34% but their sample contains only 29% Republican while the network’s own exit poll had the Republican percentage at 36%.

Why are the polls so biased? Obviously the networks are all echoing the same line: That Trump has lost all his support and the public wants him removed.

But heaven help any Republican in Congress who might be led astray by this dis-information. President Trump’s ratings suggest that he is hanging on to his support. Any Republican who backs his removal might as well retire from politics. Walk out before they throw you out.


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