The Impact Of Zuckerberg’s Bucks

By Dick Morris on October 15, 2021

To understand the impact of Zuckerberg’s money on the election of 2020 we must first grasp its purpose. Mark Zuckerberg intended to use his money to fund the ground army that was necessary to promote irregularities in the election.

The framework of absentee and mail-in balloting permitted shenanigans with the election machinery. But the missing element was the infantry to accomplish the mischief. It was one thing to permit mail-in voting and allow ballots with dubious signatures to qualify. But it was quite another to supply the election officials who would rule such ballots to be valid.

Similarly, it was one thing to mail out absentee ballots, but you still needed election inspectors who would accept the ballots after election day or ignore discrepancies in the addresses on the ballot.

To effectuate the process made possible by such clerical changes as absentee and mail in voting required an army of willing and able partisans to fill the posts at the polls. These had to be people who were so ideologically motivates that they would consciously ignore invalid signatures and mistaken addresses and accept the ballots as legitimate.

To recruit such an army Zuckerberg funded civic groups, allegedly non-partisan, to supply his infantry. By day these workers labored at benign activities like publicizing election dates and answering questions about polling places. But by night they were an army dedicated to manipulating the system to produce artificial votes for the Democrats.

Without Zuckerberg’s money the potential for the wrongdoing would never be actuated into the reality of wrongdoing. Zuckerberg’s money made all the difference.


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