The Global Warming Hoax

By Dick Morris on March 8, 2012

A Book Review by Dick Morris of Senator James Inhofe’s new book, “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future”.

Despite inconclusive and contradictory meteorological data and the failure of predicted temperature patterns to pan out, global warming and climate change continues to be the mantra of the left, assuming theological proportions.

Now, Senator James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma), long a climate change skeptic, details how the Climategate scandal has derailed the once unstoppable global movement to reshape our entire world to prevent climate change. He reprints, in full, the devastating e-mails back and forth among the leading climate scientists as they bend and strain their data to meet their political and financial need to hype the crisis.

Inhofe explains the vested interests that have a stake in selling the idea that irreversible climate change is about to destroy civilization as we know it. He traces the roots of the climate change hype to the United Nations and explains why that corrupted global body wants us to organize our entire world economy around stopping hypothetical global warming.

But Inhofe leaves one thing out: The United States is on track to dramatically cut its carbon emissions without any of the regulatory burdens or tax increases the left is pushing to accomplish this goal. Without cap and trade and without EPA regulation of carbon emissions, we have already cut our greenhouse gas emissions way below 2007 levels. Lester R. Brown, president of the Earth Policy Institute and recipient of the U.N. Environment Prize in 1987 (about as green as you can get) notes that “between 2007 and 2011, carbon emissions from coal use in the United States dropped 10 percent. During the same period, emissions from oil use dropped 11 percent… The net effect of these trends was that U.S. carbon emissions dropped 7 percent in four years.” (

“And,” Brown proclaims, “This is only the beginning. The initial fall in coal and oil use was triggered by the economic downturn, but now powerful new forces are reducing the use of both.”

Brown paints a green vision of the future. “We are now looking at a situation where the 7 percent decline in carbon emissions since the 2007 peak could expand to 20 percent by 2020, and possibly even to 30 percent. If so, the United States could become a world leader in cutting carbon emissions and stabilizing climate.”

A variety of forces are making the case for taxation and regulation obsolete even if you believe global climate change is a big threat. People are driving less, cars are on track to double their mpg standards, natural gas is replacing coal in power generation, and electric cars are catching on.

And then we come back to Inhofe’s central point: That the left is using climate change as its latest excuse to impose taxes and regulations they have always wanted to pass anyway. Climate change is the latest cause to justify income redistribution and limits on growth the left has always sought. Inhofe exposes how deep this conspiracy goes and chronicles the delightful retreat of the greens in the face of Climategate over recent years.

A great read!

To purchase a copy of The Greatest Hoax – Go Here.

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