By Dick Morris on January 6, 2009

Al Franken is about to be elevated to the U.S. Senate as a result of funny business. Twenty-five precincts in Minnesota have recorded more votes cast than voters on Election Day. Ramsey County alone has 177 more ballots than people who voted. The vast majority of these over-votes have gone to Franken. In parts of the state, military ballots were not counted. Any ballot that was challenged was copied for review. But, in many cases, the election canvassers forgot to label the copy as a duplicate, so it was counted twice. So not only were the disputed ballots counted, they were counted twice!

With these irregularities, all of which benefited Franken, the Senate must not act in advance of a final ruling by the Minnesota Supreme Court. The Court has refused to intervene in the recount and the results of the recount have been certified. But the parties have seven days to mount legal challenges and the election results cannot be certified until they have been reviewed.

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